Plantar Warts Are More Than an Inconvenience


Plantar warts are small growths that appear on the skin of the feet, typically on weight-bearing areas such as the heels or the sole. They are common and affect many people. Plantar warts are caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which enters the body through tiny nicks or cuts in the skin. Most plantar warts aren’t a serious health concern, but they can be uncomfortable and they are highly contagious. If you suspect that you have developed a plantar wart, you need to see a board-certified podiatrist like Boris Abramov, DPM and Tatyana Abramova, DPM as soon as possible. This is especially important for patients with diabetes which can negatively affect foot health, and for those with compromised immune systems.

How can you spot a plantar wart? Be on the lookout for signs and symptoms including:

  • pain when standing, walking, or wearing shoes

  • a small bump on the bottom of your foot

  • black pinpoints, which some people call “wart seeds”

If your podiatrist confirms your suspicions, she or he will have several treatment options for your wart. Possibilities include chemical removal with liquid nitrogen or salicylic acid, laser therapy, or surgical removal.

You can reduce your risk of plantar warts. Here are four suggestions:

  • Keep feet covered in public places. Wear sandals in locker rooms or on pool decks and slippers in hotel rooms.

  • Keep feet clean and dry. Wash often with antibacterial soap. Change socks and shoes daily.

  • Bring your own tools to salon pedicure appointments.

  • Never touch a wart. If you are concerned that you have developed a wart, see your podiatrist as soon as possible for treatment. Don’t try to remove it yourself.

Are you worried about plantar warts, or do you have any other concerns about the health and well-being of your feet, ankles, or lower legs? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Boris Abramov and Dr. Tatyana Abramova in our Pikesville office today. Our doctors will conduct a thorough examination, arrive at an accurate and specific diagnosis, and work with you to create an effective and individualized plan for treatment and ongoing care. Call the friendly Abramov’s Comprehensive Foot Care staff at 443-872-7052 or click here to get started.