Is Your Foot Health At Risk? Take This Quiz to Find Out


It’s easy to take foot and ankle health for granted, but living with illness or injury can cause daily struggles and chronic pain. Is your foot and ankle health at risk? Take this simple quiz from Boris Abramov, DPM and Tatyana Abramova, DPM to find out:


1.      How old are you?

a. under 40 (0 points)

b. 41-59 (1 point)

c: 60 and over (2 points)

2.      How would you describe your lifestyle?

a. active (0 points)

b. moderately active (1 point)

c: sedentary (2 points)


3.      How would you describe your weight?

a. not overweight at all (0 points)

b. slightly overweight (1 point)

c: very overweight (2 points)


4.      Do you have diabetes?

a. no (0 points)

b. I haven’t been tested (1 point)

c: yes (2 points)


5.      How many hours per day do you spend standing?

            a: less than 2 (0 points)

            b: 2-4 (1 point)

            c: 5-8 (2 points)

            d: over 8 (3 points)


6.      How many days per month do you wear high heel shoes?

            a: less than 2 (0 points)

            b: 2-4 (1 point)

            c: 5-10 (2 points)

            d: over 10 (3 points)


7.      Do you have pain in your feet or ankles?

a. never (0 points)

b. occasionally (1 point)

c: often (2 points)

8.      Have you had a previous foot deformity such as a bunion or a hammertoe?

a. no (0 points)

b. yes (2 points)


0-6 points: Your feet and ankles are probably in good shape. To keep them that way, see a board-certified podiatrist like Dr. Boris Abramov and Dr. Tatyana Abramova once a year for a checkup. Call your doctor if you experience discomfort or notice a change in the appearance or shape of your feet.

7-12 points: Your feet and ankles are at moderate risk of illness or injury. The best way to prevent problems is to see your podiatrist regularly.

13-18: The health of your feet and ankles is at risk. Schedule an appointment with your podiatrist at your earliest convenience. With years of specialized training and experience, your podiatrist is the best-qualified doctor to examine, diagnose, and treat any issues in this part of your body.

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