Keeping Feet Healthy During Airplane Travel


Do you have a vacation planned during the coming months? Many of our patients do, and many of those trips involve airplane flights. Airline travel is fast and efficient, but it does pose some risks to foot health. Here are five tips from Dr. Boris Abramov and Dr. Tatyana Abramova to keep feet happy and healthy before, during, and after your next flight:

1.      Wear comfortable shoes to the airport. Between security screening and possible flight delays, you might have to stand in line for quite some time.

2.      Speaking of security, you’re probably going to have to take off your shoes. Prevent the transmission of plantar warts, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and other infections by wearing socks. Never go barefoot in high-traffic public places such as airports.

3.      Prevent dangerous deep vein thrombosis, which is a blood clot that can break loose and settle in the lungs or heart. Get up and stretch periodically. Walk the aisle of the plane every hour or so.

4.      If you have been diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), you can reduce the likelihood of swelling in your feet and legs by wearing your compression socks on the plane. This will help combat the effects of the change in pressure.

5.      Many people experience swelling in their feet when they travel. Staying hydrated will help. Consider passing on the peanuts and salty snacks provided by the airline. Bring some fruit or another healthy option in your carry on bag so you don’t get too hungry. Skip coffee and other caffeinated beverages, which can be dehydrating, and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Of course, the best thing that you can do to protect your foot health is to see a board-certified podiatrist like Boris Abramov, DPM and Tatyana Abramova, DPM regularly. With years of specialized education and experience, your foot doctor is the best-qualified medical professional to diagnose and treat any illness or injury of the feet, ankles, and lower legs. Schedule a convenient appointment in our modern Pikesville office today. Call Abramov’s Comprehensive Foot Care at 443-872-7052 or click here today.