The Benefits of Custom Orthotics


Your feet and ankles are among nature’s most complex structures. Their bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles are intended to work together in a precise and specific fashion in order to support your body weight. This is what enables you to stand upright, balance, walk, and run. When one part of the system isn’t functioning properly, foot pain and loss of use can result. It’s common for patients to experience referred pain in the knees, hips, and spine. Fortunately, custom orthotics prescribed and provided by your podiatrist can alleviate the problems caused by many conditions.

Some orthotics are rigid and they are called functional orthotics. They are used to alleviate the problems caused by conditions including:

  • arthritis

  • pronation (ankles that roll inward)

  • supination (ankles that roll outward)

Other orthotics are softer and they are called accommodating orthotics. They are used to provide additional cushioning and support to help patients with conditions such as: 

Of course, low-cost shoe inserts are available in many drugstores and big box stores. But this is one case where you really do get what you pay for. Those inserts are generic. They’re not measured and molded to fit your feet. They’re not created just for you, specifically to address your problem.

When you see a board-certified podiatrist like Dr. Boris Abramov and Dr. Tatyana Abramova, you’re making an appointment with a medical professional who brings years of specialized training and experience to the examination and treatment of your feet. Your foot doctor will scan and measure your feet and create orthotics just for you. Even better, in many cases this process is covered by insurance.

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