Standing Desks: Pros and Cons


Perhaps by now you’ve heard the phrase, “Sitting is the new smoking.” Sitting for long periods of time at work or at home, day after day, year after year, has been found to have negative health effects. A recent study concluded that people who sat eight to ten hours per day were more likely to die from any cause during the study period than those who sat four hours or fewer per day. People who sat for more than ten hours per day were at 40% greater risk. 

Some patients at Abramov’s Comprehensive Foot Care have tried to reduce their risk from sitting by opting for modern standing desks, alternatives to traditional furniture in which the user stands rather than sits. Some even have built-in treadmills! Is this trend right for you? Here are some factors to consider:

Users report that they perceive increased focus at standing desks, and that may be the case for some people. However, standing for a long period of time actually requires a moderate level of physical fitness. Other people can become physically exhausted without a change in position.

Sitting for long periods can contribute to foot and ankle swelling, but so can standing if you don’t have proper support. If you’re considering transitioning to a standing desk, be sure to invest in a sensible pair of shoes with a wide, roomy toe box, low heel, and non-skid soles. Custom orthotics from your podiatrist might increase your comfort as you spend hours on your feet.

Standing all day can reduce the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle, but it can also increase your risk of bunions, fallen arches, and other foot problems. It can also lead to referred pain in other joints including the knees, hips, and back. 

A visit to the podiatrist is a good idea if you’re considering switching to a standing desk at work, or if you’re experiencing any discomfort related to your feet, ankles, or lower legs. Click here or call Abramov’s Comprehensive Foot Care at 443-872-7052 to schedule a convenient appointment with Boris Abramov, DPM and Tatyana Abramova, DPM in our comfortable Pikesville office. Our doctors will conduct a thorough examination, diagnose any current or potential issues, and work with you to create an effective plan for your treatment and ongoing care.