When to Call the Podiatrist


Your podiatrist is a medical specialist with years of specialized training in treating all conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Without question, he or she is not only the best-qualified medical professional to help you when you have a problem in one of those areas, but is also the right person to keep you healthy and to stop many of these situations before they start. Here are five good reasons to schedule an appointment with your podiatrist today:

  1. If it’s been more than a year since you were at the podiatrist’s office, you should schedule a visit even if you are not experiencing pain or if you don’t see signs of a skin condition. Many podiatric conditions are initially asymptomatic. This is especially important for men and women with diabetes and other circulatory issues, as diminished sensation frequently puts such patients at increased risk.
  2. Persistent pain in the foot or ankle warrants a call to the podiatrist, especially if this pain doesn’t improve with traditional RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) treatment. It could be a sign of injury or illness.
  3. Call for help if the skin on your feet is cracking or peeling or if your toenails are changing color. This may mean that you have contracted a fungal infection.
  4. If you have an ingrown toenail, or if you notice that one or more of your toenails are changing in shape or thickness, please come in for an exam. 
  5. Have you fallen, or otherwise injured yourself? Are you having pain when you stand or walk? These are good reasons to be examined and treated by a podiatrist.

Boris Abramov, DPM and Tatyana Abramova, DPM are board-certified podiatrists with decades of experience helping men, women, and children of all ages. They can help you, too. Call Abramov’s Comprehensive Foot Care at 443-872-7052 or click here to schedule an office visit. Our doctors will begin your appointment with a thorough examination and accurate diagnosis and then work with you to create an individualized and effective plan for treatment and follow up care as appropriate.