Learning More About Men’s Foot Health


Study after study has shown that men are less proactive about health issues than women are. This means that they tend to wait to see the doctor until there is a serious problem requiring intensive intervention. Unnecessary pain and suffering result, as the treatment for many issues is often simpler the sooner it begins. 

When it comes to foot health, the best approach is to see your foot doctor at least once a year for a regular examination. This will help your podiatrist get to know you and your feet, ankles, and lower legs, making it possible for him or her to spot changes easily and begin treatment quickly.

Men should be particularly alert to signs and symptoms of the following common conditions, each of which is relatively easy to prevent: 

  1. Bromodosis: This is just the medical term for persistent unpleasant foot odor. Men’s feet contain a large number of sweat glands. This combines with men’s tendency to wear the same shoes day after day and creates a hospitable environment in which odor-causing bacteria and fungal infections thrive.  Wash and dry your feet daily. Be sure to rotate your footwear and to allow shoes to dry out completely between wearings.

  2. Ingrown toenails: Trim toenails regularly. Do not allow them to grow too long. Always use a clipper, rather than scissors. Trim toenails straight across. Do not round the corners.

  3. Corns and calluses: These occur in high rates in men as a result of friction caused by poorly-fitting footwear.  You can prevent them at home by gently scrubbing with a pumice stone in the shower. Never attempt to remove them yourself, as this can cause dangerous infections.

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