What Is Capsulitis?


Your joints are surrounded by tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues that form a sort of a “capsule” around the joint and facilitate its function. When the ligaments in the capsule become irritated and inflamed, a condition called capsulitis occurs. In the foot, this is common at the big toe and the second toe. It feels like there’s a stone in the ball of your foot and it can be extremely uncomfortable.

Who Is At Risk of Capsulitis? 

People with bunions, high arches, fallen arches, and arthritis are at increased risk of capsulitis. It also tends to appear in people whose second toe is longer than their big toe. 

What Are the Symptoms of Capsulitis?

Capsulitis is a progressive disorder and usually worsens if left untreated. Early diagnosis and treatment are important. Be alert to symptoms including:

  • Pain, particularly on the ball of the foot. 

  • A sensation like there’s a sock bunched up under your foot or a stone or marble in the ball of your foot

  • Swelling 

  • Pain, especially at the base of the toe

  • Discomfort when wearing shoes and/or when walking barefoot

Treating Capsulitis

The good news is that, if your podiatrist diagnoses capsulitis, she or he will have numerous treatment options available, including:

  • RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation)

  • Over-the-counter and prescription medications for pain and swelling

  • footwear modifications

  • custom orthotics for cushioning and support

  • surgery, but only in advanced cases that don’t respond to other treatment modalities 

If you suspect that you have developed capsulitis, or if you have any other concerns about the health and well-being of your feet, ankles, or lower legs, it’s time for a visit to the podiatrist. With years of specialized training and experience, a foot doctor like Dr. Boris Abramov and Dr. Tatyana Abramova is the best-qualified medical professional to help you with diagnosis, treatment, and follow up care. 

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