Meet Dr. Boris Abramov & Dr. Tatyana Abramova, Pikesville Maryland Board Certified Podiatrists & Surgeons

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Boris Abramov D.P.M.

Boris Abramov is an experienced and thorough podiatrist assisting patients out of his private practice in Pikesville, MD. Dr. Abramov speaks multiple languages, such as English, Russian, Farsi, Uzbek, Ukrainian, and Tadgik. He has been in practice since 1977, is certified by the American Board of Physician Specialties for foot surgery, and enjoys serving his patients and correcting the podiatric ailments, such as hammertoe, flatfoot, foot pain, and congenital and acquired deformities. Dr. Abramov began his medical education while living in his native Uzbekistan; however, after completing his medical school and residency there, traveled to Russia for three fellowships studying congenital diseases, pediatric orthopedic trauma, and pediatric orthopedic surgery. He then relocated to Philadelphia, PA to attend Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. There, he received his doctor of podiatric medicine degree.


  • Temple University, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

  • Surgical residency Philadelphia, Va, and North East Med. Center

  • Surgical residency Philadelphia Veteran Affair Medical

  • 22 years of exp. as an Orthopedic surgeon in Russia concentrating on hip and foot surgeries


  • Sinai Hospital, NorthWest Hospital


  • Case Presentation at Central Asian Orthopedic and Trauma Conference

  • Method of Acetabulum Plasty with Vascilarized Bone Graft

  • The Aspects of LE lengthening at Congenital Coxa Vara

  • The Method of Bone Grafting in Pediatric femur Neck Plasty


  • Farsi

  • Russian

  • Ukrainian

  • English

  • Uzbek


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Tatyana Abramova D.P.M.

Dr. Tatyana Abramova has been practicing podiatry in the Pikesville area for the past ten years. She received her medical degree from Temple University School of Podiatry Medicine in Philadelphia. Dr. Abramova completed her podiatry residency at the Veterans Affair Medical Center of Philadelphia. Her specialties include primary foot care, diabetic foot care, foot bio mechanics